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Digital/Analogue PABX

Digital/Analogue PABX

Complete telecoms solutions

A PABX is an internal telephone switching system to interconnect telephone extensions, as well as the outside telephone network. Modern PABXs use all-digital methods for switching and can handle digital equipment along with analogue telephones.

Our systems offer an extensive set of features to ensure calls are answered with intelligence, keeping you connected with analogue telephone lines and VoIP service providers. The system also works with regular telephone sets and IP phones.

Key advantages of a PABX:

  • Central switchboard
  • Screen based console
  • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Direct dialling to each extension
  • Inbound call distribution
  • Call diversion to other external numbers (mobile, home etc.)
  • Call management software
  • Dial straight from Microsoft Outlook Contacts or other supported packages
  • Voice Over IP for remote workers
  • Call centre application
  • Fully integrated DECT cordless solution
  • Networking between sites
  • Free voicemail so that you do not miss those important calls and email notification
  • Digital lines or SIP Trunks that offer cost reduction
  • Full range of digital or analogue handsets

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