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Adept Systems (Hull) - IT Audits & IT Healthchecks

Secure your network

Our comprehensive IT audit service covers each device in your network infrastructure.

Our IT audits pinpoint your IT problemsThe audit highlights weaknesses across your network and common configuration faults with hardware and software.

Issues you have encountered in the past are analysed and the current state of all your systems is evaluated.

We recommend effective security countermeasures to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your data. Network assets examined in the audit include:

  • Servers & workstations
  • Printers
  • E-mail
  • Backup systems
  • Anti-virus & security

Expert analysis of your infrastructure

Block access to your network from unauthorised partiesA detailed breakdown of your current network infrastructure is provided with each IT audit. We provide independent advice on maximising reliability, performance and network security.

Comparing hundreds of networks has given us a deep insight into best practice techniques to enhance performance and network security. If your server or IT equipment is operating slower than usual, our IT audits will reveal the cause.

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