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Remote Data Access & Mobile Data Access

Work from home or on the move

Access your office resources from anywhere in the world Many businesses depend on their employees working remotely or whilst on the move, others are just starting to realise the benefits. For an effective remote working it’s essential you have a secure, stable connection and suitable server or data centre to access company data as if you were sat in the office.

Centralised, secure e-mail

Secure email hostingE-mail can be hosted on our servers for continuity of your business communications. With your data stored in our data centre your operation will always be secure, robust and highly available.

What you need

  • For general activity like e-mail and Word/Excel files, SSL-VPN is most likely the best solution. SSL-VPN is reliable and requires no software to be installed on the client machine.
  • Remote Desktop Services is required to query databases or run server applications. This is very secure, and a remote session is created on the server for the remote user.

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