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ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

Complete telecoms solutions

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

Using ISDN you can enjoy outstanding line quality and fast, reliable data transfer. ISDN can be used for voice calls and robust data transfer amongst other ISDN users. Other applications include video-conferencing and linking LANs to offsite networks.

Complete telecoms solutions

If you are in an area not yet covered by ADSL, ISDN can be used to connect to the internet (maximum speed of 128kbps).

We realise SMEs need high quality telephony services in order to compete effectively. Our technicians provide help and advice when selecting the most suitable system.

Some benefits of ISDN include:

  • Reduces infrastructure and maintenance costs by using a single pair of copper wires for simultaneous audio, video, and data services
  • ISDN BRI service increases data compression to boost the 128Kbps transmission rate to between 256Kbps and 632Kbps
  • Digital transmissions produce clearer and quieter call quality and more reliable and accurate connectivity compared to analogue technology
  • Remote computer users benefit from high performance ISDN connections at home or on the road
  • ISDNs dynamic bandwidth allocation accommodates bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Up to 8 different devices can be operated simultaneously over a single ISDN line
  • LAN protocols such as IP and IPX are better supported by ISDN connections across WANs due to faster connect times (between 1 and 4 seconds) than analog service (between 10 and 40 seconds)
  • ISDN is compatible with other WAN services like X.25, Frame Relay, Switched Multi-megabit Data Services (SMDS) and higher speed services like Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

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